Familiarize yourself with this spreadsheet listing scholarships offered annually.  Deadlines start in October of your Grade 12 year:

Scholarship Database: SCHOLARSHIPS2020 (Many awards sorted by date)


GRADS OF 2020:

Tamanawis Scholarship Application 2020

Submitting this on-line form will make you eligible for Tamanawis-specific awards.
Online submission is DUE: 2:30 pm APRIL 3, 2020


LORAN SCHOLAR APPLICATION: loran-scholar-nominee-form-fillable

DUE:  OCTOBER 9, 2019

To be selected for nomination to become a Loran Scholar the following criteria must be met:
The candidate must be intending to enrol in a program at one of these Canadian universities: U of Alberta, UBC, Calgary, Dalhousie, Guelph, King’s, Laval, McGill, McMaster, Manitoba, Memorial, Moncton, Montreal, Mt. Allison, New Brunswick, Ottawa, Queen’s, Ryerson, Saskatchewan, SFU, Toronto, Waterloo, western, Victoria, York.
The candidate must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada
The candidate must be achieving an 85% average in academic classes.
The candidate must be able to demonstrate leadership in school life and a strong commitment to service in the community.


GRADS OF 2020:


There are 55 BC Excellence Scholarships available to recognize well-rounded B.C. graduates. Winners will have demonstrated service and leadership, both at school and in their communities, and shown aptitude and commitment to their chosen career paths. They will receive a $5000 scholarship voucher to use for post-secondary tuition.

Tamanawis can nominate ONE student for this award


Printed submission is DUE: JANUARY 10, 2020



To be selected for nomination to become a Schulich Leader the following criteria must be met:    (Tamanawis can nominate ONE student)

  • The candidate must be intending to enroll in a program at one of the Canadian universities in the STEM areas of study (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)
  • The candidate must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada
    Each candidate must possess at least two of the following three attributes:
    i. Exceptional high academic grades
    ii. Demonstrated leadership in school life and community life, or provided evidence of entrepreneurial talent
    iii. Financial need
    Nomination form:

Schulich Leader Nominee Form fillable

Printed submission is DUE: JANUARY 17, 2020




  • Be a BC resident and lived in Canada for at least 7 years,
  • Be graduating in June,
  • Have demonstrated financial need,
  • Have faced adversity,
  • Plan to be a full-time student,
  • Be ineligible for the BC Tuition Waiver Program (for former youth in care),
  • Use funding for a post-secondary institution, trade or college, and
  • Be endorsed by their school principal.

Tamanawis can nominate ONE student for this award.  To apply to be our nominee:


Nomination form DUE: JANUARY 31, 2020 (application to TCF will be due Feb 7)



District Authority Awards are for sustained excellence in a school NON-ACADEMIC area.

Paper submission is DUE: 3:00 pm APRIL 9, 2020 to the Career Centre.  Please type onto the fillable form, then print it.


GRADS OF 2020:

VALEDICTORIAN APPLICATION 2020: Valedictorian Application 2020 fillable

Paper submission is DUE: 2:30 pm APRIL 3, 2020 to the Career Centre.  Please type into fillable form, then print it.


GRADS OF 2020:

District Partners 36 Scholarship Applications 2019-2020 

Applications will be available on line February 1, 2020.  

UPDATE: Surrey School District scholarships are due APRIL 23, 2020 by 3:00 pm.  Please send your application electronically to and copy to ensure your application is accepted.  We cannot accept paper applications due to the COVID-19 situation.  Note that these still require references.

NOTE:  Handwritten applications will not be accepted.  District Scholarships


GRADS OF 2020:

For Students in Core/Intensive French:  Canadian Parents for French-Surrey Chapter is offering ten $300 awards for Surrey students in Core/Intensive French and French Immersion.  Simply answer some questions and e-mail your submission (copy your French teacher) by April 6, 2020:  CPF Award Letter 2020; CPF-Award-Application-2020-Core Intensive


GRADS OF 2020:

The Sahaara Wellness Scholarship is for Tamanawis students only who have experienced mental health issues either themselves, or through a family member.  It is also open to students who have done work in the community around mental health, or are planning to pursue a career to assist those affected by mental health.  Visit the Career Centre to pick up an application or complete the fillable form here, print it off and submit it by APRIL 3, 2020 to the Career Centre:  SAHAARA WELLNESS SOCIETY CANADA SCHOLARSHIP


GRADS OF 2020:

The Indo-Canadian Business Association would like to award 12 scholarships this year.  The application is an online fillable PDF document. The deadline for applications is APRIL 3, 2020

The application requires students to also submit their transcripts and two reference forms. For students applying in the Sports Achievement Award or the Special Needs Award category, they will have to answer an additional essay in addition to the two essays all applicants will answer, as indicated on the application.

There are two ways applicants can submit their applications:

(1) Via email to

(2) Via mail addressed to: #201-7945 132nd Street, Surrey, BC, V3W 4N2.


For students of any grade preparing to apply for scholarships in Grade 12:

Scholarship workshop 

(PowerPoint Presentation)

december post secondary readiness

(Powerpoint Presentation)


Brag Sheet:  Request for a Letter of Reference

Tips:  Booklet      SCHOLARSHIP TIPS        scholarship short booklet

A list of Websites for Scholarships: scholarship websites



  • A scholarship is an award based on merit.  Merit means that something is done well, be it academics, sports, or community service.
  • Bursaries are sums of money given out on the basis of financial need.


  • Sources for scholarship funds include Universities & Colleges, Banks, Private Foundations, Unions, Companies (could be your parents’ employers), Embassies, Provincial & Federal governments.  Look into them all!

Marks are important, but many scholarships also look at:

  • Extracurricular activities
  • Community Service


Most due dates are based on the date your application arrives.  Remember that mailed-in applications can take several days to arrive.  Also give your teachers and other sponsors plenty of time to write reference letters.  They are usually happy to write a letter, but can’t do it overnight!

  • The greater the value of the scholarship, the more work that is involved in applying for it (and hopefully winning it).  Give yourself enough time to do a good job, and don’t wait until the last minute.

Include as many of these qualities as you can in your application, and don’t be afraid to brag:

  • Enthusiasm
  • Teamwork
  • Character
  • Hard Work
  • Purpose
  • Overcoming Obstacles or Challenges
  • Initiative
  • Perseverance
  • Responsibility

PROOFREAD your essay, and have someone else read it over as well, before you send it in.

  • Remember that thousands of dollars in scholarship money goes unclaimed every year.  It does no harm to apply for as many as you can!

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